Fee Structure

IMPORTANT: The following fee is relevant for candidates residing in Pakistan and who have opted for the Institute Supported learning option with SKANS.

Module Payable to UOL Payable to SKANS Exam fee
Strategic Financial Management £1,295 PKR.110,000 As per British Council terms
Strategic Performance Management £1,295 PKR.110,000 As per British Council terms
Strategic Financial Project £1,295 PKR.125,000 Not applicable
Global Issues for the Finance Professional £1,295 PKR.125,000 Not applicable


  • If candidates choose the online study option, while residing in Pakistan, GBP 1,405 per module is payable to UoL.
  • All fees are subject to review on an annual basis.

Key Features

  • Apart from the module registration fees, no other fees is payable to the University of London. The ACCA annual subscription remains applicable.
  • Admission/registration is done online directly with University of London at  www.londoninternational.ac.uk/msc-accountancy
  • Exams are conducted by British Council and candidates need to determine the related exam fee and pay it in addition to the above mentioned fees.
  • The per module UoL fee includes a one-time examination/ assessment fee but if a module is repeated, a module continuation fee of £650 is payable.
  • The fees paid to University of London covers the study material and entry into the assessments.
  • The material is made available on-line to all registered students through the University's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).
  • Fee in Pak Rupees is payable to SKANS if institute based study option is chosen.
  • Study commitment: Each module requires about 300 hours of study in total that average to 12 – 15 hours of study per week over the 22 weeks session for each module.