Our History

The idea of establishing an accountancy school, which could cater to the professional education requirements of the modern age, came into the minds of a team of young professional Chartered Accountants in early 1991. The idea was to impart high quality business education to students desirous of passing the examinations of professional accountancy bodies of the world. In 1992 the idea finally materialized and “SKANS School of Accountancy? was established to implement the basic objective.

Initially, the management decided to offer free coaching classes to the ICAP (Pakistan) students to get a firm hold as tuition providers. The year 1995 saw the inception of the first campus of the SKANS School of Accountancy in the shape of Gulberg Campus Lahore. The success story has continued since, venturing into other campuses like Garden Town Lahore, Sialkot, Islamabad and Faisalabad in a short span of time.

As the basic aim of SKANS School of Accountancy has always been to provide high standard business education and guidance, its undaunted efforts were recognized quickly by the leading Professional Accountancy Institutions of the world. Today it holds the approval of the most prestigious recognized accountancy bodies like ICAP (Pakistan), ACCA (UK), CIMA (UK) and ISACA (USA) to offer tuition to the students enrolled in their respective programmes. SKANS SherShah Block, New Garden Town (CAT) campus is “GOLD? Status Approved Learning Partner of ACCA and its Tariq Block, New Garden Town (ACCA) campus is “PLATINUM? Status Approved Learning Partner of ACCA.

Having achieved excellence in providing quality education at the basic and foundation stages in the field of accountancy, SKANS School of Accountancy has now embarked upon the path of delivering ultimate professional stage education and training to career-oriented students wishing to acquire skills, which would promise them a secure and stable future.

The main objective of SKANS School of Accountancy is to offer educational programmes which will provide the candidates with internationally recognized professional qualifications and an opportunity to actually use the acquired experience and qualifications in establishing themselves as productive and successful professionals in the fields of business, finance, management and accountancy.

Although there is a variety of courses being offered in the market, it is felt that majority of these fall short of providing the necessary skills essential for gaining employment. SKANS School of Accountancy is endeavoring to change this trend with structured and job specific educational programmes, aimed specifically at providing expert guidance, counseling and support, which is tailored to the individual needs of all the participants.

With constant reviews, assessments and monitoring, all aspects of the learning process, academic and practical, have been targeted to achieve the desired standards and quality. All study programmes are structured in such a way that they are student centered, as we want our students to be active participants in their own education and not just passive receivers of instructions. Particular attention is paid in improving the personal effectiveness of each participant through presentation skills and computer courses. This leads to the building of confidence in the students.