SKANS for Corporate Sector

SKANS School of Accountancy understands the needs of the corporate sector and is committed to supporting your organization’s goals and the aspirations of your employees.

What Corporate Sector Employers Look For?

  • Strategic Awareness and Specialist Knowledge
  • A recent research report – A changing profession – surveying ACCA members and employers, found that employees qualified and experienced in these areas, will provide the greatest value for business in the future.

  • Consistency of Financial Reporting
  • Having employees with comprehensive knowledge of both financial and management accounting means that the same financial disciplines can be applied across all areas of the business, ensuring consistency for all reported financial information

  • Flexible Workforce
  • The ACCA, FIA , CIMA and CISA Qualifications provides the core of flexible, multi-skilled finance professionals who can be deployed in a range of roles, or pursue specialist areas after qualification to suit employer needs.

  • Professionalism and Ethics
  • Employers also want assurance that their finance professionals work to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics

  • Accountability
  • In the current climate, investors and the general public have an expectation that corporate finance professionals behave responsibly in regard to all assets and investments under the stewardship of the companies in which they are employed.