Syllabus Details

The CImA professional qualification is regarded highly by employers around the world because of its relevance to business. CImA updates the syllabus every four years, based on the key skills that employers and the market demand. The last update was in 2010.

The CImA qualification consists of sixteen exams including three case study exam. You also need to gain three years of practical work experience.

You will gain expertise in three main areas:

  • Management Accounting
  • Business Management
  • Financial Management

Certificate Level

The CImA Certificate in Business Accounting is ideal for people who are new to the world of business qualification because it offers a solid grounding in the basics of management accounting, financial accounting and business and consists of 4 papers. It is also a stepping stone towards the CImA Professional Qualification.

Operational Level

The three exams at this level introduce students to contemporary business subjects like ethics, forecasting, reporting and marketing, from an operations view.Students who pass all three operational level papers and a case study exam will be awarded the CImA diploma in management accounting.

Management Level

The three exams at this level focus on subjects like project management, relationship management, analysis of financial accounts and budgeting. Students who pass all three management level subjects and a case study exam will be awarded the CImA advanced diploma in management accounting.

Strategic Level

The three exams at this level build on previous knowledge and Cover Strategic Management, Risk Management and Financial Strategy.