Entry Routes

ACCA offers various entry routes, depending on your age and previous academic qualifications.

  • Minimum Entry Requirements

- 2 passes at GCE A' Levels and 3 passes at GCSE/GCE O Level in 5 separate subjects, including English and Mathematics

-American Higher School Certificate with atleast 50%

  • Graduate Entry Route

-Graduation, B.Com, BA, BSc from a recognised University

  • Access to ACCA via FD qualification

- Complete the Diploma in Accounting and Business through the Foundation Diploma route, and you can continue your studies with the Certified Accounting Technician Qualification, or you can transfer onto the ACCA Qualification, miss out the first three exams and continue your studies from the fourth exam (F4 - Corporate and Business Law) onwards.

Removal of Mature Student Entry Route (MSER)

If you would have normally registered on the ACCA Qualification via the Mature Student Entry Route (MSER), you should now register on Foundations in Accountancy. MSER is no longer available.
This is because now that we have introduced Foundations in Accountancy, which is open entry and does not require you to have any previous academic qualifications to apply, it is possible for you to enter at any level within Foundations in Accountancy, including the Diploma in Accounting and Business.
The exams FAB, FMA and FFA on Foundations in Accountancy are identical to F1, F2 and F3 of the ACCA Qualification. If you would have normally registered on MSER, you are now better placed when you register on Foundations in Accountancy. This is because there is no restriction on the number of exams you take, the order you choose to take them in, or the time you can take to complete FAB, FMA and FFA on Foundations in Accountancy.

Claiming Exemptions

Relevant degree holders from ACCA-accredited institutions may be exempted from all nine exams within the Fundamentals Level and register directly at the Professional Level. Degrees with some relevance may also qualify for exemptions. For details, refer to ACCAGlobal Exemption Support