Computer Based Assessment at Foundation Level

CBAs are available for all the papers of the Certificate Level and can be taken at any time of the year, allowing students to progress through CIMA papers at their own pace.

CBA uses computers to deliver questions and receive answers. Objective test questions are used in the assessment (the most common type is multiple choice but there are other formats).

The CBA system has many benefits:

  • You will receive your results immediately after you finish the assessment, because the computer can mark it instantly.
  • You will receive individual performance feedback after the assessment, if you are unsuccessful this will help you to identify the areas of the syllabus where you require a better understanding of the topics.
  • You can sit computer based assessment whenever you wish - you aren't restricted to the two paper based exam sittings per year.
  • You can also re-sit assessments as and when you are ready.
  • CBA allows for a wide range of the syllabus to be covered so you can be confident that you have a sound grounding in business and accounting in preparation for the Intermediate level exams.
  • Upon successfully completing an exam by computer based assessment you will receive a 'Certificate of Achievement' from the centre. Your student record will automatically be updated by CIMA and an exemption will be awarded for the appropriate paper based subject.

CBA can be taken at any time of the year, provided that you are a registered CIMA student. However, if you are using CBA to fast track through to the Intermediate level papers you need to be aware of CIMA's registration, exam entry and exemption deadlines.

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