Practical Experience

You must gain at least three years’ relevant practical experience before you can achieve your Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA) status. Your practical experience must cover three areas: Basic, Core and Supplementary and they are as under:

Area 1 Basic Experience
1a Preparing and Maintaining Accounting Records
1b Statutory and Regulatory Reporting
1c IT Desktop Skills
1d Systems and Procedure Development
Area 2 Core Experience
2a Preparation of Management Accounts
2b Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
2c Management Reporting for Decision-Making
2d Product and Service Costing
2e Information Management
2f Project Appraisal
2g Project Management
2h Working Capital Control
Area 3 Supplementary Experience
3a Financial Strategy
3b Corporate Finance
3c Treasury Management
3d Taxation
3e Business Evaluation and Appraisal
3f Business Strategy
3g External Relationships

We do not expect you to cover every element within each area, but you will need to gain wide experience across all three areas. The only requirement is that you get at least 18 months of your experience within the Core area.

You will record your practical experience as part of your ‘Career Profile’, and we recommend that you update this regularly. After you pass your final exams, you will have five years in which to submit your completed Career Profile and apply for CImA membership.

The Career Profile is made up of the following three sections:

  • Personal Information
  • A summary of your full employment history
  • An enhanced Curriculum Vitae, including a detailed history of your relevant practical experience, specifying the number of months you spent in each position and a description of the work you did.

After you register you will receive our Student Resource File; the full practical experience and Career Profile guidelines are within that document.

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