PCSC – Presentation and Communication Skills Courses

  • Modular structure prevalent in the CA curriculum is being transformed into a package of 4 tiers of CA qualification.
  • All the stages of qualification are now stand-alone.
  • The successful students of any stage will be allowed to use the corresponding designation.
  • Each certification has its market recognition and will open the avenues for various employment ventures.
  • Considering the modern testing methodology computer based examination (CBEs) at AFC stage is introduced for students.
  • Study material is aligned with the examination structure and to the learning outcome that will ensure the development of professional knowledge, skills and competencies in the candidates.
  • Paper Structure
  • There are 4 Tiers/Levels of CA Qualification
    1. 4 papers in Level 1 (AFC)
    2. 9 Papers in Level 2 (CAF)
    3. 6 Papers in Level 3 (CFAP)
    4. 2 Papers in Level 4 (MSA)
  • CBEs are held after every 3 months i.e. in March, June, September and December
  • Module A to D = Certificate in Accounting and Finance (CAF)
  • Module E & F = Certified Finance & Accounting professional (CFAP)
  • CFAP +2 multi paper assessments = CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT
  • All the above applicable from Autumn 2014 examinations