The ICAEW Chartered Accountant qualification, the ACA, is one of the most advanced learning and professional development programmes available. It is valued around the world in business, practice and the public sector.

  • Opportunity for Growth: Many ACCA students can double their salary during their training. Salaries for newly qualified ICAEW Chartered Accountants are on a par with careers in law and banking.
  • Higher Remuneration: Independent surveys show that ICAEW Chartered Accountants usually command higher salaries throughout their careers compared with other accountancy qualifications.
  • Access to Top Jobs: Many ICAEW Chartered Accountants become partners or financial directors early in their careers, leading to a greater variety of opportunities, rewards and influence as their careers progress.
  • Competitive Edge: Employers seek the experience with knowledge that comes with ICAEW.
  • Credibility: Employers and Colleagues regard you with a presumption of expertise.