Job Placements

SKANS School of Accountancy Lahore has a dedicated PLACEMENTS CELL, a team which is dedicated to identifying suitable articles, internships and employment opportunities for SKANS students and alumni.

SKANS works with numerous employers by supporting their recruitment process and providing them with suitable candidates.
(Note: These vacancies are not restricted to Lahore city.)

Vacancies are normally advertised on the SKANS facebook fanpage and SKANS Alumni group page.
Candidates interested in being considered for vacancies, can e-mail their CVs

Developing Employability Skills (DEmpS)

Over the course of their professional studies, students gain a lot of sound technical knowledge and competence but lack in the soft skills that can make them a strong contender for progress in their chosen careers.

Developing Employability Skills is a customized training program, developed by SKANS, for accounts and finance professionals looking for career success. It has been designed to bridge the gap between Employer's expectations and a prospective Employee's skill set.

Details and Success

The training covers very broadly the areas of:

  • Computer Literacy, where hands-on training is provided in MS Office applications and the real world touch is added through training on an Accounting software.
  • Communication Skills, where candidates are provided opportunities to develop their verbal and non-verbal communications.
  • Professional Development, where training is covered from the first step of creating an impactful CV to dealing with workplace issues.
  • Competitive Edge, where candidates get insights on how to follow the footsteps of an entrepreneur and get a brush-up on local Law and Tax rules.

SKANS Placement Cell has been recommending DEMPS candidates to various employers and their feedback is evident from the fact that nearly all of these graduates get the job! The training program is conducted at the Lahore Campus and is open to all candidates (including non-SKANS students).

Commencement of a training batch is promoted via SKANS website, facebook fanpage and internal notices.