Student Council

The purpose of Student Council shall be to serve the student body of SKANS. The Cell shall serve as an umbrella association for the students /faculty and staff by:

  • Voicing student opinions to the administration
  • Facilitating student/faculty relations
  • Providing a representative government and serve needs of the college and students
  • Educating/enhancing the educational experience
  • Encouraging/promoting large/broad scale activities
  • Ensuring the greatest participation by students at all levels

The Student Council is responsible to relay the opinions and needs of the students to the management. All the Student Council members have been thoroughly interviewed and findings discussed by the Executive Board.

The Executive Board members shall uphold the standards of Student Council at all times. They will be required to meet occasionally and will be responsible for maintaining and organizing the resources equipment and supplies of the Student Council office.

The office bearers of the Student Council consist of the students currently enrolled in SKANS. Each Student Council office bearer is responsible to serve as an example of proper behavior for the other Student Council members.

At present, SKANS houses more than 9 student societies. These societies provide the students with various opportunities to indulge in their aesthetic interests and experience working in a professional environment. Moreover, these societies instill in their members the priceless qualities of teamwork and leadership.