Course Structure

The two ACCA papers SBL & SBR studied, give accreditation for prior learning (APL) for 90 credits of the master's. Each module covered under the MSc in Professional Accountancy programme is of 30 credits. Under any route the candidate ends up covering 180 credits.

Modules Study Period Indicative cost
MSc (Pathway 1) for ACCA students who have passed upto SBL & SBR 3 12 months-5 years From £1,295 (per module)
MSc (Pathway 2) for ACCA Members and Affiliates 2 6 months-5 years From £1,295 (per module)
Postgraduate Certificate for ACCA students who have completed Applied Skills papers 2 6 months-5 years From £1,295 (per module)

The programme was launched in January 2016 session and is currently run twice a year, in January and July.

Strategic Financial Management (SFM)

This module will consider a range of major strategic financial issues of importance to company financial officers (FDs and CFOs) and other financially-oriented corporate senior managers, in addition to managers and analysts involved or interacting with finance-related activities and decisions. In so doing it blends core principles of financial management with business strategy.

Strategic Performance Management (SPM)

This module provides students with an understanding of key issues and applied methodologies relating to strategic management accounting. These issues and methodologies are concerned with performance management, information management and evaluating financial risk.

The framework for strategic management accounting is analysed in the context of providing managers in organisations with the information they need to be able to plan for and subsequently control performance.

The emphasis is on making well-informed decisions and gaining insights into the blend of financial analysis and managerial judgment required to enable managers to make appropriate decisions. As such the content of this module provides the essentials a manager should have when faced with making hard-edged financial decisions in the context of a complex and ever-changing business environment.

Strategic Financial Project (SFP)

This module is a capstone project involving the development of business research skills and their application to simulated real world accounting/finance related problems.

Core to the project will be the requirement for students to acquire an underpinning in research methodology, applying research skills to the collection and analysis of data within a simulated accounting/finance related scenario. This will involve identifying and analysing data and information in relation to business challenges, researching alternative solutions, and applying a judgement based on assessment of the evidence.

Global Issues for the Finance Professional (GIFP)

The module introduces students to the dynamics of the global environment within which finance and accounting models are applied. It considers the impact of those dynamics upon:

  • the underlying conceptual models.
  • the application of the models to find alternative solutions.