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 ACCA Computer Based Exams Successful Candidates

Three papers (F1,F2,F3) must be attempted and passed in the same attempt.

Following scholarships apply based on the percentage of the marks obtained:

% of marks obtained Scholarship %
85 and above 40
80-84 30
70-79 20
 Scholarship Policy for ACCA (Manual Exams)

Students must attempt and pass a minimum of two papers with the following percentage of marks obtained:

% of marks obtained
Scholarship %
Skills/Professional Level 85 and above 40
80-84 30
70-79 20

The following conditions apply:

  • Scholarships and financial assistance shall be approved only on the submission of ACCA results. Discounts classified under the normal categories shall be given at the time of admission.
  • If the documents have not been submitted at the office within the due date, the discounts, initial scholarships and financial assistance will be cancelled and shall not be reconsidered.
  • Results must be verified from college records of the final CBE.
  • If the discount is obtained on the basis of marks, no other discount can be availed.
  • If a student has availed a discount other than the lumpsum fee discount in the current session, the amount of scholarship will be adjusted against the discount availed.
  • Scholarship and Assistance in subsequent session will be considered afresh after re-assesment of recent results and other circumstances.

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