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 Professional Development Center (PDC)

SKANS Professional Development Center (PDC) aims to provide high quality education and professional development services for a wide-range of students and working professionals from organizations including schools, colleges, universities, governments and ministries of education. The purpose is to assist the finance education industry as a whole by trying to maximize its efficiency and productivity that will mutually benefit the broader educational community in Pakistan and internationally. SKANS will also provide Master trainings though PDC for the fulfillment of its objective.

At PDC, our professional trainings are delivered by high caliber experts in education; utilizing state of the art information, latest learning technologies and pedagogical methods. PDC aims to train the tutors providing professional and academic education as well as the existing students to become work ready finance professionals and business leaders.  It engages highly experienced trainers both from SKANS and outside of SKANS to conduct hands on exercise/case study based industry problem specific trainings. Besides this, PDC also provides knowledge and training to SKANS faculty and staff regarding best practices.

PDC offers leadership development programmes with flexible formats that are designed in consultation with the client group and their particular learning needs and addressing specific business objectives. Each custom-made development programme is drawn from 3 key learning dimensions: Pedagogical, Professional and Personal learning. These incorporate the major knowledge, skills and dispositions involved in meeting the complex demands of being today's educational leader. It is demonstrated that an excellent training is neither very long term nor very expensive.

Our prime objective is to contribute towards progress of society and to play our role as a catalyst for positive change by providing a common platform to the industry professionals and academia to develop linkages for mutual benefit.

SKANS PDC is also prioritizing students' career development by a model that promises to offer specialized career development support to students and connect them to internship and employment opportunities as well as mentoring and experiential learning.


To develop PDC as an independent self-sustained leading training organization for finance professionals and educators of all cadres by creating exceptional professional development opportunities, resources and learning experience within and outside of SKANS.


To conduct customized high quality, timely and cost-effective professional development events and resources for SKANS students, employees and industry professionals. PDC aims to achieve its mission by using latest training technologies and highly experienced internal and external facilitators capable of creating practical learning experience and by seeking continual feedback from subject matter experts and internal stakeholders

  Our Collaborations
SKANS Professional Development Center creates training partnerships with different organizations also. It has conducted numerous courses in the past in collaboration with different international and national organizations like; Association for Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Certified Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), AZURE Global, PEPSICO etc.


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