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 How much it will cost
The following tuition fee details will be applicable with immediate effect (and are subject to change without written notice)
  Level Payable to FD–UK (£)* Payable to SKANS (Rs.)*
AFD Registration Fee (one time) 81 10,000
Introductory Certificate in Financial & Management Accounting
Level A FA1, MA1 65 14,000
Intermediate Certificate in Financial & Management Accounting
Level B FA2, MA2 65 16,000
Diploma In Accounting & Business
Level C FFA, FMA, FAB 80 17,000
I.Com Paper Payable to BISE (Rs.)* Payable to SKANS (Rs.)*
Registration Fee (one time) 1,700  
Principles of Economics 1,700 10,000
Statistics 1,700 8,000
Business Mathematics 1,700 8,000
Total Expense (SKANS+ACCA+I.Com) 250,000approx
* Subject to change without prior notice.
The written exam fee mentioned above, is the standard fee per paper by ACCA. Early and Late fee can be consulted from ACCA website.

Last Updated on: November 10, 2015.


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