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 Academic Support Departments

Academic Standards are the expected levels of academic attainment which are used to describe and measure the academic requirements and performance of students. To ensure that the standard are met and the students catered to, SKANS welcomed the establishment of several departments into its fold.

 Quality Assurance Department

Quality assurance department is responsible for monitoring and supervising the entire academic system to ensure quality education. It is envisaged that without imparting quality education to students no academic institution can survive for long-time. Keeping the above things in view we may that the work of QA department is multipronged but two aspects of it are very important i.e students perspective and lecturer perspective. So we may say very securely without QA department we cannot ensure quality on education system in our department.

Its main responsibilities include proof-reading and editing of study text, class-tests, mocks and quizzes prepared by R&D department and issuance of “certificate of quality”, if it is up-to mark and in line with course outline of ACCA.

 Examination Department
The examination department is entrusted with the responsibility of conducting class tests, mocks and quizzes in line with examination method of Professional body, UK to prepare students for the final examination of professional body, UK. It means the duty of examination department is not only to prepare the students for final examination by ACCA body, UK, but also analyze test results to see the comprehension of students while QA department will identity the average and poor students and take remedial measures through suggestions to teachers regarding teaching methodology and customized coaching through TAs and ToTs for average and poor performance.
 R&D Department

In 2008, SKANS introduced its first ever R&D Department. With the responsibility of compiling quality study text in line with course outline for ACCA and developing quality class tests, mocks, quizzes and lecture notes, R & D department is significant to prepare the students for examination.

Their main role lies in compiling books, study material and standard lecture notes. The department also suggests books and resource material to consult for developing class tests, mocks and quizzes.

 Counselling Services
  • Counseling Services
  • Professional counseling services are available for students seeking assistance with personal concerns, interpersonal issues, and intervention. Students will see a counselor individually, in a group setting or as part of a workshop. Counseling Services are available to all students currently at SKANS of Accountancy.
  • Confidentiality
  • All communication between you and your counselor will be held in confidence unless you are involved in a situation where you and/or others are at risk for harm. Counselors are required to disclose to the appropriate authorities and parents/Guardians.
  • Rules and Regulations
  • If student behavior exceeds to level where he/she is causing a bad repute to institute and causing a hectic environment to other students, faculties and the staffs, then the institute is obligated to take the corrective action.

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